FinTel Data is your technology matchmaker for the telecom world. We connect you with the best technology products and vendors to achieve your business goals.

FinTel Data offers you a no cost technology matchmaking consulting. Our goal is to help your company find the best phone service (VoIP), Internet access and or data center to meet the ever-expanding needs of your corporate growth. You will not receive an invoice from FinTel Data.

FinTel Data is backed by over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. We have seen everything from the original “dot-bomb” era to the real delivery of best in class services by the elite surviving and honest vendors. FinTel Data has built strong relationships with these vendors and can provide easy to understand services with preferable pricing and seamless installation.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has proved to be the leader in voice communications for everyone today. Whether you know it or not, ALL of your voice services are carried over the Internet. Some companies today, still use the old “Plain Old Telephone Service” and have not updated to a better priced and more flexible service that telecoms offer today. FinTel Data can help you choose the right vendor to provide phone service to your company without any operational issues once installation is complete.

Internet access is ALL on fiber today. It’s the fastest data speed that a company can afford today and can fully support your corporate Internet access needs. FinTel Data vendors can provide pricing quotes that will be favorable and easy to understand.

Data Centers today are better than ever. Gone are the days of offices using a closet or an open area with no desks to host websites, voice services and “main frames” to provide data storage for companies. The correct data centers to contract with have 24×7 human and physical access security, multiple backup generators, multiple fiber feeds leaving their buildings in diverse sides to protect against any one disaster to take down services. FinTel Data can host tours of these data centers that best fit the price range, needs and services for your corporate data storage.

FinTel Data is here to help you make telecom decisions with as little to no pain at all. Let FinTel Data lead you to better telecom vendors and services.