• Internet access

    Paying too much for your internet access? Not sure if you are getting the right internet speed that you are paying for? Fintel Communications will help..

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    No more need to have a “PBX” in your office and hope that the electricity does not go out. Even if you lose electricity and you lose your Internet connection..

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    Network Cabling

    Moving, renovating or making changes to your office? FinTel Communications can help you design or redesign your network infrastructure to meet your ever..

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    Website security

    Is your website secure? These days, most websites are built on platforms like WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. There are always “exploits” for these platforms at some point or another.

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    Data Centers for small business

    Really? Does a small business need a data center? Well, there are many contributing factors that go into deciding whether or not you need to outsource your.

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    Your talking on it right now. OK, maybe not right now, but both your business and home (if you still have a home line) are all on VoIP. The phone system at your office may still be on your premise,

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    Is public WiFi safe?

    Is Public WiFi safe? I used to believe so, but I have had one too many “alarms” spark up on my laptop from using public WiFi. Sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant and my laptop slowed down its processing of bandwidth to the Internet.

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    about us

    FinTel Data is your technology matchmaker for the telecom world. We connect you with the best technology products and vendors to achieve your business goals.

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